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Strip Wash: The Bath Method

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I have used tots bots nappies with all of my children and, apart from the odd leak hear and there, they have always been my go to nappy, but with Beatrix it’s been different. Not one of my old nappies has lasted longer than 30 minutes, all my new ones have been fine, but the old ones just didn’t work. This means that a good two thirds of my nappy collection have been unusable. So last week I decided to take action and do something aboutĀ  it, I need these gorgeous prints for the summer.

A friend suggested a strip wash using the bath method to ‘rest’ them. I have done strip washes before but never in a such a intense way. It took a whole day and night…

Step 1: Clean nappies – Start with clean nappies, just wash them as you normally would

Step 2: Soak – Fill your bath about halfway and add you mixture 1 cup of detergent and 4 cups of stain remover. I used my normal detergent and Tesco oxy remover, always check that your stain remover doesn’t contain napsin

Step 3: Add nappies – Put the nappies in and give it an occasional stir, leave them for no longer than 4 hours. Drain the water and wring out any excess water from the nappies

Step 4: Machine wash – Move your nappies from the bath to the washing machine and put them through a normal wash with just water

Step 5: Cold wash – Move your nappies back to the bath, I know my washing machine is no where near my bath either! Soak them in cold water for 30 minutes with a laundry sanitiser, I used the Dettol version. You will need a litre for a half a bath tub of water

Step 6: Rinse – Drain the bath and use warm water to rinse the nappies, then Wring out any excess

Step 7: Wash – Move your nappies back to the washing machine and give them 2 – 4 long hot washes, I did two washes at 40 that lasted around 3 hours each.

Step 8: Dry – Dry as normal, ideally outside.

The result- IT WORKED. My nappies are now fluffier and lasting longer, so far no leaks šŸ™‚

This is the method I used but there are many more available with different recommendations. It is always worth checking the manufacturer suggestions first.

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Travelling With Cloth

One of the questions I often get asked my nappies is if we use disposables when out and about and holidaying, and the answer is no we still cloth.

I have spoke about this before in my previous postĀ Ā ‘Can I Use Cloth Nappies On Holiday‘ However the biggest challenge with using cloth when away is how to store them, so how do we manage that. Well first of all when we go away we often only go for a few nights, so this makes things a lot simpler.

  1. How many nappies to take? We always work out how many we would use on a normal day and then times that by how many days we are going away for, including travelling days. We then add a few extra for any eventualities that may happen such as extra poo’s. This is where a big collection comes in handy, but as long as you are organised and wash and dry the day before you leave you should be ok.
  2. How to store clean nappies? As we often travel by car I will either put all my nappies in a bag, we have some lovely Tesco Cath Kidston bags for life, or just use the wicker baskets that we store them in at home. There is really no need for a special way to store them when they are all clean and fluffy. Just keep in mind you may need some on the journey so keep a few to hand.wet bag
  3. How to store dirty nappies? This is often the biggest dilemma for most and it’s simple in a wet bag or bucket, why can’t you take them too. I personally prefer the wet bags and use them at home and out and about rather than a bucket. Anyone using cloth on a full time basis will more than likely use a wet bag when out and about already, so get a bigger version. I love our Tots Bots KaleidoscopeĀ Wet Bag, not only for it’s amazing pattern but also, because it can hold a lots of nappies and is the perfect size for a few nights away

Travelling with cloth doesn’t have to be hard and doesn’t mean you have to change your routine. It doesn’t need to be expensive either my Tots Bots Wet Bag and Happy Mat are available for just Ā£22 on their website.Ā Both get used at home and out and about, so are a great investment.