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The Day… We forgot Willem’s lunch

Today swillem-lunchtarted off really well, and I was actually feeling quite impressed with myself about how well it was going. Today was the first day I was doing the nursery and school run with all 3 by myself, and a dummy run for next week when Rob is back at work.

Things were going along smoothly. Three children fed breakfast, done and managed some for me too. Next, three children upstairs with washed face and clean teeth, done. Next, Three children dressed, done and they even had socks and shoes on with 15 minutes to spare. All their bags were sorted with spare clothes, nappies, wipes and sat on the side ready to go. I had a bit of time to get dressed and put some make up and out the door we went.

We actually left 5 minutes earlier than we aimed for, which resulted in us arriving at nursery 10 minutes early. So after a few songs in the car we headed into nursery. I let the girls know that as usual Persephonie and Willem had been up since 5am, but were both fine. Persephonie started her new trick of crying before I left, so I made a swift exit. She stops as soon as I out the door and it was at that moment I realised…. I had forgotten Willem’s lunch! Willem is now funded and need to bring a pack lunch.

Fortunately the girls are good at his nursery and said he could have a hot dinner, saving me the hassle of rushing home grabbing it and rushing back. It was going really well,  but I will have to settle with just pretty well, and next time remember his lunch. Maybe a reminder in my phone?