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Running Week Three

I’ve made it through another week and I learnt some lessons

Routine, with the return of school this week I have been much more aware of getting my run in early so that I can get back and sorted for the start of the manic morning school run. It has been easier than I thought it would be

Monday – 5 minute run, 1 minute walk for 30 minutes

I did it, oh yes I ran for 5 minutes without stopping!  I am so pleased that I managed 5 minutes straight and it was not easy. I did struggle for the next interval, but I ran as much of it as I could and only stopped a little bit. After that I did a lot of stop starts but kept running when I was meant to and only walked when I should. I took 26 minutes this morning so not bad.

Tuesday – 30 minute walk

Roran started Beavers tonight so I decided to use his walk home as my exercise. It was nice to walk and talk with him not just about his evening but things in general. I think having time to chat with him was quite therapeutic for us both.

Wednesday – 6 minute run, 1 minute walk for 30 minutes

So today school started and I knew it was going to be a complete chaotic mess so I had to get my head straight. I did manage my first 6 minutes of running, although it almost killed me but the rest of the run wasn’t as good. I did just under 22 minutes and I walked a lot more than I should have. I think I was over thinking my day too much to get myself in gear. So I need to start being more mindful of my running and me.

Thursday – 30 minute walk

This evening I took Rufus and Beatrix out for a walk/stroll. It was a nice evening and I enjoyed the fresh air after being at home most of the day with the two middle ones, plus Roran is tired from school so grumpy. It also gave me time to think ahead about tomorrow and Willem first day at school. I took the opportunity to walk some local cut throughs to see if any of them make good routes.

Friday – 7 minute run, 1 minute walk for 30 minutes

Epic Fail! I woke up with little motivation this morning and then I saw it was raining so I crawled back into bed. When I got up half an hour later it was dry and I really could have gone for a run. I felt rubbish all day for not going and for knowing I should go later. Come teatime I got a phone call asking if I wanted take away, but I knew if I said yes I wouldn’t go out so I said no. I had originally planned to go out with the buggy so Beatrix was with me as it would be too crazy for Rob to have her at bedtime. However Roran had been asking all week to come with me so I decided to just do laps of our two closes. I was only out for 15 minutes in the end, however I ran for the whole lap which took me just over 9 minutes. So I ran for 9 minutes straight, no stops. So pleased with that.

Saturday – 30 minute walk

Today we went to my in laws for dinner so I said I would walk there with Roran and Beatrix. However it’s September and we missed Summer so we ended up getting caught in a serious downpour! The walk was nice and I did feel pleased that I had opted for it rather than just getting in the car.

I am running for longer and doing so much better than  thought I could. Next week I need to be more enthusiastic about getting up and mindful of my running

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Running Week One

As I start my new challenge I also wanted to keep a weekly diary on how well it’s going.

Monday – 1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

It started easier than I thought it would and I headed out in the earlier hours to get myself going for the day. I had planned a route the night before but thought I was be clever by going down hill first, this meant I was going up hill towards the end, mistake. I also got home 3 minutes early so need to re plan that route. Towards the end I did feel the struggle of keeping up the pace I started with, but hope this will improve.

Tuesday – 30 minute walk

Today started off bad and I had a very low day, by the evening I had a headache and felt ill. I was considering going to bed at there same time as the children but this meant I wouldn’t have done my walk and I didn’t want to fail on my second day. We needed bread and milk for the morning so I decided to do my walk up to the shop. It was a simple back and forth route, uphill on the way and the downhill on the way back. I came back feeling refreshed and so much better, my headache had gone and I felt much better in myself

Wednesday – 1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

After a bad night sleep I considered staying in bed, but knew if I got up early I could get my run in before everyone was up. I felt much better than on Monday and tried a different route with uphill first. I didn’t feel as though I struggled as much but then I may not have been putting as much pressure on myself. I did end up doing a shorter route and only did 22 minutes, so will have to extend this route next time. My feet were very achy but my legs didn’t and don’t feel as tight as Monday

Thursday – 30 minute walk

This evening I headed out for a walk with the dog. I decided to take a route that I could run the next day and too the opportunity to check out some alley ways and cut throughs I could use. I ended up doing a lot of turning around. When I got back Rob was cooking dinner. I must admit it’ quite nice getting into a a home cooked meal after refreshing walk.

Friday – 1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

I it up and ready to go with the thought in my mind this was my last run of the week and that would be a great achievements. Unfortunately once again my run was too short, I also ended up finishing on an up hill stretch. As we live half way up a hill I think this is something I can’t really avoid. The run itself was easier today, I didn’t feel as out of breath or unfit. Also my legs didn’t seem to ache as much throughout the day, which must be a good thing, my body is adapting and hopefully getting ready to run more and walk less.

Saturday – 30 minute walk

I decided to do this with the family after our evening meal. I nice walk to relax and get everyone calm and ready for bed I forgot that only happens on TV, by the time we had got back home we were all frazzled and rather stressed. Although the walk was longer than planned which was good.

My first week complete. I have found the motivation to succeed has kept me going and got me up early in the morning, I hope this continues. The actually activity has been hard but then it was never going to start of easy was it. Next week involves more running and I look forward to it…