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Willem and The Magnet

willem a&eOf all my children Willem is the one that we know we need to watch. He lives in his own little world, which would be amazing, and is always thinking about the next thing he could get up to. Yesterday we got to enjoy a visit to A&E due to a little mishap with a magnet.

Whilst attempting to get my washing out Willem suddenly started to cry, so I came in to see the problem and thought he said he had been sick. I called Rob downstairs and tried to make some sense out of the words come out of his mouth. Now, another thing about Willem is that when he cries he really goes for it, and he has a lovely habit of putting his whole fist in his mouth which cause a huge amount of drool to come out (nice).

At first we thought he was saying he had a penny in his mouth so we encouraged him to learn forward as I tried to look in to see of there was something there. Then he started talking about his throat so we figured he had swallowed whatever it was, but he was telling us it hurt. We were also having to stop him put his hands down his throat, whilst trying to calm him. Eventually he told us it was a magnet (great) and he showed which one it was.magnet A nice small 1 cm square piece which he was calling a ‘plus cross’. I knew he would need to be checked out to make sure it wasn’t stuck anywhere, but was unsure if it was an A&E job or minor injuries. We’re very lucky to have one of each nearby. After a call to 111, they advised A&E in case it was stuck, off we went. Fortunately Roran had been walking around with a bag of books so I grabbed that as entertainment and my purse which had no money in.

We arrived at A&E and booked in, the receptionist was less than nice and with Willem bouncing around I felt a bit like a fraud but I knew he needed checking. We had about a 30 minute wait for the doctor, who was lovely. She spoke to Willem more than me, which I felt was a good thing as he was then happy to listen to her. She asked him simple things at first like name and age, then what happen. He backed up my story. The doctor then explained the concerns of swallowing magnet:

  1. It can get stuck in the oesophagus causing a blockage
  2. It could go down the windpipe, but he was breathing fine so no concern there
  3. If he had swallowed more then one they could be come attracted to each other. This could lead to them attaching and possible pinch some of his bowel which would possible die. I had not even considered that!

Willem assured her that he had only swallowed one and we were sent off for a X-ray.

After a little more waiting we went into for X-ray, I had quickly explain to Willem what would happen but didn’t think about the fact I, at 32 weeks pregnant, wouldn’t be allowed to stay at his side. The technician was lovely though and spoke to him about everything and that I was only on the other side of the window so he could see me. However, he was more fascinated by everything happening to even notice I had gone.

We headed back to waiting room for the results, which didn’t take long. The doctor called us through and took us in to the reception office. Here she showed Willem his X-ray and explained all the different parts such as his heart, lungs , spine, whilst showing him on his body where they are. He loved this and listened to everything she said. Then she showed us the white image of the magnet, sat nicely in his stomach, waiting to make it’s natural way through his body.

With this news we could head home knowing all should be okay. We were at the hospital just over and hour and a half, which was a nice surprise but I don’t hope to do it again anytime soon.


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The Day… Willem ended up at Minor Injuries

Today20160926_104944.jpg is Daddy Hughes’ birthday, yay. With Roran doing his first full day at school and Willem due to go nursery for the day we made plans. Just having Persephonie with us meant we could go out for brunch and it be a bit more relaxed than if we had the boys, after school we could then all go out for a nice meal as a family. However, things did not go to plan.

Willem has been unwell all weekend with his chest, then last night his temperature spiked. We managed to get it under control and with some cuddles he went back to my bed where he spent the night. For a change everyone slept in, until past 7am! Over breakfast we decided that Willem wasn’t right so we would keep him off for the day, we could take him brunch or have a nice one at home. The new plan was made, but it didn’t happen either.

Rob took Roran to school, whilst, thanks to Paw Patrol, I grabbed a quick shower. When Rob got back he made us both a cup of tea, and as usual placed mine in the window sill. As if in slow motion the next thing I saw was Perspehonie, climbing the sofa grabbing my cup and tipping over. Most of the hot freshly made tea landed on Willem. Who burst into tears.

I immediately grabbed him to get him in the shower, taking off his top as that was what he was most worried about. In he went and I could see his chest was red. He cried as I attempted to hold him under the cold running water. I knew this would be a hospital job,
his arm was red and in his struggle I could already see a blister. I told Rob we had to go minor injuries and we got sorted, and out the door. He cried as I tightened his car seat but it needed doing

The doctors and nurses were really nice and helpful. Upon seeing the burn the first the triage nurse ask was if she could given him some paracetamol for the pain, I hadn’t even thought about that. He wasn’t keen to take it but she helped me calm him and waited until he was ready. We had to wait about an hour after triage before we saw the nurse, so snack were brought to keep him happy and a quick feed help Persphonie doze off.

The treatment nurse was again really calm and helpful, she could see that he was shy and unsure but had lots of tricks to getting him involved. She explained what she was going to do and left the room to get some dressing and so that I could talk to him myself about what was going to happen. When she came back Willem was a superstar as she put dressing and bandages on his arm, his chest was fine. The nurse talked to him the whole time and Willem loved that he could see an ambulance outside, which was the main discussion. I also mentioned that he had been unwell at the weekend so t
he nurse offered to check him over and after a quick ears, throat and chest check she gave him some antibiotics for a chest infection.

For being so brave Willem got a little blue teddy, which he isn’t too fussed about. As we missed brunch we treated him to a cookie at our favourite coffee shop, which he was very pleased about. We even sat in. We now just have to get a bandage change every few days, and convince him to take his antibiotics and pain relief.