So I missed October. It was Roran birthday and we were so busy I actually forgot, not a great start. However it has given me some time to think a few thing through.

Target Weight Loss: 9.6lb (5%)

Target Weight: 182.6lb

Actually Weight Loss: 2.6lb (1.4%)

Actually Weight: 190.8lb

New Goal: 4.7lb (2.5%)

New Target Weight: 186.1lb

I have decided to reduce y goals for 2 reasons:

  1. I feel that losing weight too fast whist still having a young baby is not beneficial. It would be best to lose it it slowly and steady, this way I can hope to keep it off
  2. IT’s Christmas and I’m not stupid it will be harder this month to watch what I eat so I don’t plan to resist, just be good.

See you in Decemberūüôā

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Running Week One

As I start my new challenge I also wanted to keep a weekly diary on how well it’s going.

Monday – 1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

It started easier than I thought it would and I headed out in the earlier hours to get myself going for the day. I had planned a route the night before but thought I was be clever by going down hill first, this meant I was going up hill towards the end, mistake. I also got home 3 minutes early so need to re plan that route. Towards the end I did feel the struggle of keeping up the pace I started with, but hope this will improve.

Tuesday – 30 minute walk

Today started off bad and I had a very low day, by the evening I had a headache and felt ill. I was considering going to bed at there same time as the children but this meant I wouldn’t have done my walk and I didn’t want to fail on my second day. We needed bread and milk for the morning so I decided to do my walk up to the shop. It was a simple back and forth route, uphill on the way and the downhill on the way back. I came back feeling refreshed and so much better, my headache had gone and I felt much better in myself

Wednesday –¬†1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

After a bad night sleep I considered staying in bed, but knew if I got up early I could get my run in before everyone was up. I felt much better than on Monday and tried a different route with uphill first. I didn’t feel as though I struggled as much but then I may not have been putting as much pressure on myself. I did end up doing a shorter route and only did 22 minutes, so will have to extend this route next time. My feet were very achy but my legs didn’t and don’t feel as tight as Monday

Thursday – 30 minute walk

This evening I headed out for a walk with the dog. I decided to take a route that I could run the next day and too the opportunity to check out some alley ways and cut throughs I could use. I ended up doing a lot of turning around. When I got back Rob was cooking dinner. I must admit it’ quite nice getting into a a home cooked meal after refreshing walk.

Friday –¬†1 minute Run, 2 minute Walk for 30 minutes

I it up and ready to go with the thought in my mind this was my last run of the week and that would be a great achievements. Unfortunately once again my run was too short, I also ended up finishing on an up hill stretch. As we live half way up a hill I think this is something I can’t really avoid. The run itself was easier today, I didn’t feel as out of breath or unfit. Also my legs didn’t seem to ache as much throughout the day, which must be a good thing, my body is adapting and hopefully getting ready to run more and walk less.

Saturday –¬†30 minute walk

I decided to do this with the family after our evening meal. I nice walk to relax and get everyone calm and ready for bed I forgot that only happens on TV, by the time we had got back home we were all frazzled and rather stressed. Although the walk was longer than planned which was good.

My first week complete. I have found the motivation to succeed has kept me going and got me up early in the morning, I hope this continues. The actually activity has been hard but then it was never going to start of easy was it. Next week involves more running and I look forward to it…


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Gruffalo Spotting

Yesterday we went Gruffalo spotting at our local Forestry Commission forest. This is an exciting new activity that has been introduced along one of the popular family trials. Before we left I downloaded the special app which is free, and made sure my phone was charged. The idea is simple you go for a nice walk and along the way there are signs, peep holes and clues to which animal is coming up. When you find the footprints you point your phone, with the app open, at the sign and the animal appears. You then have an opportunity to take a photo of the children with them. When we arrival the children were so excited to get out and run around; we visit this site a lot so they know where they are going.

We headed off to the beginning of the route and sagruffalo spottersw a big sign letting us know we were going the right way. The boys loved running ahead and Roran had the chance to¬†practice his reading skills. Persephonie had decided that she was also going to walk the route today, which made us a little slower than normal. Each animal had a set of signs to encourage the children to guess who was coming up. These included an interactive turning circle with images of the animals eyes, tail, feet, etc. Then a peep hole for them to look through, which was facing another sign with part of the animal on it, giving them a good idea. When it was then obvious who we had found there was a congratulations sign just before the ‘footprints’.

The final sign would be the ‘footprints’, where we aimed our phone to bring up the video. The videos themselves were great. The animals would appear and move around so that they looked real to the children. When they were in position the camera button would come up and you could take a picture. This idea is great but not as easy as it sounds unfortunately. Getting the children in the right position was hard. They couldn’t see the animals from the other side of the camera and would either stand in front of them, blocking the signal and making the video to vanish, or standing behind it where they would then get blocked out by the image. Also, mine were unsure where to look as they were distracted which meant that they often weren’t looking at the camera or video
that they couldn’t see. Maybe some sort of markers on the ground would have helped.

Overall the children enjoyed themselves, which was the main point. They also got some fresh air and a good run around. So did Rufus who remembered it’s that lovely time of year for fox poo! The route is only a short one so, as always, we popped to see the statue of the gruffalo who lives at our local forest, before heading home. There is an opportunity to buy activity bags from the site centre which I am sure would make the trip longer but, as we arrived early, the centre isn’t open at that point. However, it is something we will probably do during the school holidays. We are pleased to have another one of this trails at our local forest as have enjoyed all the others. It is a great way to get the children out and about and enjoying the local area, even if it’s only for a few hours.


For more information about your local Forestry Commission site and Gruffalo Spotter trial please visit their website

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The Day… Five and Six of Body Beautiful



I had a hard day yesterday which resulted in me being a bit naughty and going to bed before dinner. It had been another bad night with the children and I had been feeling unwell. After returning from my evening class all I could do was head to bed and sleep.

The day started with breakfast on the go, berries with yogurt¬†and homemade granola. Friday morning are always manic as I need everyone out of the house by 8am so we can all get to nursery, school and work on time. A sit down breakfast for me isn’t always an option

For lunch I had a favourite of mine, chicken salad, but by this point I was starting to feel unwell and eating wasn’t that fun. I tried to eat a few healthy snacks during the afternoon to help me feel better but I soon realised it was more sickness than huger that was making me feel ill.

Saturday was a new day and a better night sleep put me in high hopes.After missing dinner the night before I woke very hungry but didn’t want breakfast this early,Saturdays start at 5.30am, so had a banana to help settle me. I still felt unwell.

Breakfast was red pepper and spinach omelette, I really enjoy this meal and it made me feel a bit better. Willem is also an omelette fan so he joined me for breakfast, although his had cheese in. As the day went on I still felt unwell, I tried to snack again to see if it helped but it didn’t go away.

At Lunchtime I had the rest of my soup from earlier in the week. It took me ages to eat it as I was not in the mood for food or enjoying it

By dinnertime I felt rough and was not looking forward to eating, but Saturday and Sunday are the only day we all get to eat together so I made the effort. We had sweet potato chill and I was unsure how I felt about this. I actually really enjoyed it, we made it to our own heat  and found it a meal we would make again.

However after feeling unwell for the last few days I have decided I am going to end the program a day early as I feel I need to rest up. I have enjoyed parts of the program and plan to do it again when I am feeling better. I will post more on this tomorrow…

Recipes and further information on how you can make a change can be found here:

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The Day… Four of Body Beautiful

bb-day-4We’re half way, mid week and the end is in sight. Last night was a bad night with all three children waking at some point, Persephonie woke three times alone. My usual breakfast after a night like this would be coffee and biscuits, followed by a day f snacks and caffeine. Not today.

This mornings breakfast was meant to be smoothie, however when making my soup on Tuesday I discovered my blender/smoothie maker was no longer working. So I decided to redo yesterdays breakfast of berries with yogurt¬†and homemade granola, because I had enjoyed it most. Thursday’s are a quiet day which meant I spent a lot of time at home which made not snacking hard, but I made.

I left lunch until after I had picked Willem up from nursery, so I wouldn’t have to wait as long in between lunch and dinner. I had my homemade soup again today. I was meant to have this for dinner but new Rob wouldn’t eat it, which would mean him cooking something else and me getting food envy.

Dinner was omelette, spinach and red pepper. It was yum, I really should have it more often. Such an easy meal and can be so versatile, I added mushrooms to mine for ¬†bit of extra protein. I didn’t ask Rob what he added to his. ¬†I am defiantly going to start have it more often, especially as I know the children eat it as well so it makes a perfect lunchtime meal.

Today I did feel tired but I blame this more o a bad nights sleep, than the change in my diet. I’m starting to notice a real change in my habits, I don’t feel the urge to snack as much as I did. The change in my mindset is happening…

Recipes and further information on how you can make a change can be found here:


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The Day… Three of Body Beautiful

bb-day-3Today I woke up feel sick and lethargic. Once I was up and had  a cup of fennel tea I felt much better, I think this is my body telling me it is noticing the change in my diet. I did find that today I was hungry a lot less, so this is a good sign.

I had been looking forward to this morning breakfast, berries with yogurt¬†and homemade granola. It didn’t disappoint. The granola was lovely and so easy to make, I’m please to say I have some left for another breakfast. It seem to help fill me up as I didn’t fill the urge to snack in between ¬†breakfast and lunch

At lunchtime we have swimming lesson for Willem and we usually have lunch in the cafe. This week he had lunch, sausage with chips and beans, while I had a herbal tea. It took all my will power to not pinch a chip or four. When I got home I made myself a chicken salad which was worth the wait, I even got to eat it in peace. Again I felt more satisfied than I have the last few days, I didn’t even get the urge to pick at children’s dinner.

Dinner time came and it was Lemon Chicken Kebabs and they were yummy, I had to take them off the skewers though as they didn’t fit in griddle. I choose to have salad again as I enjoy it with chicken and now that it fills me up. I still have that urge to follow it up with pudding and Rob has just sat next to me eating a packet of malteasers, but it’s not as strong as earlier in the week.

I think my body is starting to get the idea that we are making a change and that the usual sugar snacks aren’t coming. I did start off feeling bad today but as the day has gone on I feel a lot better. I think a change is on it’s way, lets see what tomorrow brings

Recipes and further information on how you can make a change can be found here:



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The Day… Two of Body Beautiful

bb-day-2Today was hard! Tuesday’s are busy days, so I am usually in and out all day. I also enjoy popping to Starbucks while Persephonie naps before Gym Tots, but not today.The worse part of today was defiantly after school. We had my nephews birthday and I was surrounded by party food. Plus my lovely children kept passing my half eaten food. o much temptation.

Breakfast was meant to be boiled eggs, but I got distracted and ended up with hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach. Sounds lovely but for some reason it wasn’t. I think the spinach was overdone and wasn’t really enjoyable. Maybe next time I will try ¬†to watch what I am cooking. I felt satisfied¬†and the morning went ok. I have upped the amount of water I am drinking to help me get through the day and not snack.

For lunch it was homemade soup, and I had planned to make it this morning. However I had mistimed this so after a rush to make it , I then had to take it with me to Willem Gym Tots as I didn’t have time at home. ¬†The soup itself was Carrot and Orange and tasted lovely. I look forward to having it again on Thursday. I forgot how easy it is to make soup and must do it more. I din’t feel that hungry during the afternoon.

Before dinner I had ‘the party’ with all the usual party food, crisps, snacks, drinks and of course birthday cake. I resisted and felt really good to not give into temptation. If I am going to do this I need to do it properly, also I was looking forward to dinner. It was Moroccan turkey and it tasted lovely. very flavoursome. The meal was lovely and with the salad enough to satisfied me. This recipe is definitely¬†a keeper

Like I said today was hard, but for different reason to yesterday. THe main problem was being at the party, and if I hadn’t of been there it wouldn’t have been that bad a day. Tomorrow ¬†I think will be easier…






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The Day… I choose to do something for ME

Since becoming a mum my priorities¬†have changed. I won’t lie it’s not like I was a gym regular or spent time treating myself to relaxing beauty treatments, but I did pay for a regular haircut and colour. However, any sign of that went when I gave up all my time, spare or not, to my three children. Now Roran is at school, Willem is funded and I can afford to put Persephonie in nursery a bit more. This gives me more time to concentrate on my work, but what about me?

Well a few months back my baby sister announced that she bridesmaid.jpgwas getting¬†married, yay, and asked me to be a bridesmaid, double yay. Technically I am Maid of Honor, due to being married, but anyway. So this was my inspiration I am going to make a change, so that I can feel amazing in my dress. I don’t believe in faddy diets, whats the point of eating nothing to lose weight just to put it back on when you start eating again. I don’t have the time to commit to an intense exercise regime, what I need is a lifestyle change.

So when I saw a opportunity from Body Beautiful come on Facebook I knew I had to go for it. The program was created by a friend Joanna Ginns, who is a local personal fitness trainer. The idea is that through a nutritious diet and regular exercise she can help me to fitter, stronger, healthy and leaner. With all this I will hopefully feel better about body and increase my confidence.

Nutritious Diet

Joanna has given me a 7 day meal plan, that I MUST stick to. It contains a lot of vegetables which worries me. She has also given me a list of thing I must avoid, apparently caffeine is bad so no Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Each day I will be sharing pictures of my meals and my thoughts on the recipes. I am also upping my water intake, whi
ch I did recently so I know I can do it again.

Regular Exercise

As well as my diet I also have an exercise quota to reach. This is very relaxed in that I can choose what to do and when. The daily activities are simple and can be done around my family life. An added bonus is that I already reach the walking minimum with my daily drop off and school pick ups.


To track how I do Joanna has also given me tips on how to measure certain parts of my body, i.e. tummy, legs, arms. I will do this at the beginning and the end to see the difference. I will also weigh myself at the beginning and the end and take a before and after photo. I will be sharing these in a blog at the end.

That is all, so wish me luck ūüôā