Meet the Family…


This is me, Kate.

Most of my days are based around the children on top of running my own business from home.  I have been dabbling at making my own candles and aim to make my life as eco friendly as possible.


Rob the husband, bedtime story reader, chef, swim teacher

Most of his day are taken up by work. He enjoys sports (on TV) and listening to me rant


Bike rider, swimmer and footballer.

At 5 years old he is keen to learn everything and make sure he tells us everything he knows. He can often be found sucking his thumb and having cuddles with his ‘pooh bear’. At the moment he is busy working hard to improve his swimming skills and looking forward to the challenges of year 1. He has a very confident exterior, yet has a sweet sensitive side.


School boy, Swimmer (when he wants) and a climber

At 4 years old he is sure he is our quiet one, but that isn’t always a good thing. Happy with his own company means he can often be up to know good before we have realised his gone. He can often be found hiding under the dining room table with food he has taken from the kitchen, usually bread or strawberries. He rocks his own style of clothes, but will son be enjoying school uniform as he enters reception


Gymnast, swimming and determined

Only 2 years old and sure she can do everything, this girl has places to be. She can often be found copying her brothers or climbing somewhere she shouldn’t be. She is also dress obsessed


Dribbler, boob monster and thumb sucker

The latest member of our family, she spends most her day sleeping, feeding and pooing


Beagle, champion sleeper and food fan

At a grand old age of  6 he has decided all the obedience training we paid for was pointless. He can often be found sleeping on someone else’s bed.