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Birth Photography

We DSC_8181copyhad always said that we wanted around 4 children, so for this reason have made the decision that bump will be our last.  While part of me is happy to know our family will soon be complete, it is also sad to think this will be the last time my body gets to do this amazing job. For these reasons we have decided that this time we are going to embrace the joys of pregnancy and birth with photography.

This decision has so far led to two main responses; either ‘wow how exciting/amazing’ or ‘your going to let someone take a picture of your foo’. First of all it’s a vagina and secondly we haven’t actually decided on the angle or details of the pictures. However, it is amazing and exciting and we can’t wait.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make I admit and I’ve had my doubts and concerns about it. First of all I had to find someone who was willing to do birth photography. I found a lot of people who did maternity and newborn shoots, but only one advertising birth captures. So I contacted her and she came back with all the details and information, we had quite a long chat over messenger but something didn’t sit right. First of all she was a good 50 minutes away so I worried she wouldn’t make it if it was rush hour. Then there was the fact she did wedding photography, which would take priority and I am due in June, wedding season. Even more something didn’t feel right and I felt like she wasn’t the right person for me, and I need her to be as she would be there in my most vulnerable moments. So I looked again

A local friend was running a Mother’s Day event nearby and I spotted that she had a photographer there, Little Birds Photography, so thought I would send them a message and ask if she did births. Julietta explained that she would love to but hadn’t had the opportunity yet. So I explained to her what I was looking for and we arranged to meet. Meeting up was an important part for me as not only did I need to know I would be able to get on with them, but also I need to explain what it was I wanted and something it is easier to do it face to face instead of over a phone or Facebook.

Ironically when I met up with Julietta I realised we already knew each other, we had done baby massage together 5 years ago with both our first babies. This helped immensely as we already had a connection so I felt more at ease. We spent a good couple of hours catching up and discussing what are thoughts were and discovered we were on the same wave length. As it was to be her first birth capture Julietta explained she would have to go home and look at the logistics and everything else before she could offer me any form of agreement I left our meeting feel very positive and in my head it was a definite yes.

A few days later I got an email from Julietta, and it was a yes from her. She explained how it would work from her end and what she would need from me. I had also told her I would like a maternity and newborn shoot with all the children so she gave me all the details for that to. It’s all very exciting bit now a bit of a waiting game.

I did meet up with Julietta at a local shoot recently for an upcoming baby show, La Faire Bebe, and had a few shots taken which are beautiful. I will be having an outdoor shoot with bump and the children in the next month so will share them with you soon


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