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The Day… Four of Body Beautiful

bb-day-4We’re half way, mid week and the end is in sight. Last night was a bad night with all three children waking at some point, Persephonie woke three times alone. My usual breakfast after a night like this would be coffee and biscuits, followed by a day f snacks and caffeine. Not today.

This mornings breakfast was meant to be smoothie, however when making my soup on Tuesday I discovered my blender/smoothie maker was no longer working. So I decided to redo yesterdays breakfast of berries with yogurt and homemade granola, because I had enjoyed it most. Thursday’s are a quiet day which meant I spent a lot of time at home which made not snacking hard, but I made.

I left lunch until after I had picked Willem up from nursery, so I wouldn’t have to wait as long in between lunch and dinner. I had my homemade soup again today. I was meant to have this for dinner but new Rob wouldn’t eat it, which would mean him cooking something else and me getting food envy.

Dinner was omelette, spinach and red pepper. It was yum, I really should have it more often. Such an easy meal and can be so versatile, I added mushrooms to mine for  bit of extra protein. I didn’t ask Rob what he added to his.  I am defiantly going to start have it more often, especially as I know the children eat it as well so it makes a perfect lunchtime meal.

Today I did feel tired but I blame this more o a bad nights sleep, than the change in my diet. I’m starting to notice a real change in my habits, I don’t feel the urge to snack as much as I did. The change in my mindset is happening…

Recipes and further information on how you can make a change can be found here:



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