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The Day… Two of Body Beautiful

bb-day-2Today was hard! Tuesday’s are busy days, so I am usually in and out all day. I also enjoy popping to Starbucks while Persephonie naps before Gym Tots, but not today.The worse part of today was defiantly after school. We had my nephews birthday and I was surrounded by party food. Plus my lovely children kept passing my half eaten food. o much temptation.

Breakfast was meant to be boiled eggs, but I got distracted and ended up with hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach. Sounds lovely but for some reason it wasn’t. I think the spinach was overdone and wasn’t really enjoyable. Maybe next time I will try  to watch what I am cooking. I felt satisfied and the morning went ok. I have upped the amount of water I am drinking to help me get through the day and not snack.

For lunch it was homemade soup, and I had planned to make it this morning. However I had mistimed this so after a rush to make it , I then had to take it with me to Willem Gym Tots as I didn’t have time at home.  The soup itself was Carrot and Orange and tasted lovely. I look forward to having it again on Thursday. I forgot how easy it is to make soup and must do it more. I din’t feel that hungry during the afternoon.

Before dinner I had ‘the party’ with all the usual party food, crisps, snacks, drinks and of course birthday cake. I resisted and felt really good to not give into temptation. If I am going to do this I need to do it properly, also I was looking forward to dinner. It was Moroccan turkey and it tasted lovely. very flavoursome. The meal was lovely and with the salad enough to satisfied me. This recipe is definitely a keeper

Like I said today was hard, but for different reason to yesterday. THe main problem was being at the party, and if I hadn’t of been there it wouldn’t have been that bad a day. Tomorrow  I think will be easier…







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