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The Day…One of Body Beautiful

So today was tbb-day-1he day it started, my new lifestyle (see blog).  Today was easy looking from the meal plan, and I felt pretty confident in myself.

The day started with fruit and yogurt,  something that I often have for breakfast. However there was a twist, this lifestyle change includes not sugars or sweeteners and I have a sweet tooth. I had to forgo my usual spoonful of honey or vanilla flavoured yogurt. It didn’t go down that well and I found myself not enjoying this breakfast as much as usual. To make thing worse he toast I had made for the children had been abandoned at the table and did look yummy, but I was good and resisted. I was also good at playgroup and instead of my usual coffee and toast, I just had a hot water.

The rest of the morning was taken up with water and fennel tea, and then came lunchtime. Chicken salad, my favourite. There is something about a nice piece of oven baked chicken breast that taste so good, and mine was still warm. I really enjoyed ,y lunch. However I did have the urge to eat something after and had to use all my will power not to help Persephonie with her Hula Hoops.

Between lunch and dinner is a long time for me, especially as we eat after the children have gone to bed. Even worse is that I have to cook them dinner in the meantime. I am usually naughty and do a few extra bits so that I can pick at them but today I was good and pleased to see they cleared their plates.For Dinner it was Mexican Chicken and if I am honest I was a little unsure. I made the salsa and thought it all looked a bit unsubstantial. Once plated it looked a whole lot better, and when I tried it tasted amazing. Rob added rice to his, but I stuck to the plan.

I won’t lie I have spent a lot of the day thinking I am hungry, but I have found that a drink or some kind of distraction takes that away. The mindset still is completely thee either, I am planning all the bad stuff I can eat next week and a lovely large pumpkin spiced latte. I will get there though.

Recipes and further information on how you can make a change can be found here:





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