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The Day… I choose to do something for ME

Since becoming a mum my priorities have changed. I won’t lie it’s not like I was a gym regular or spent time treating myself to relaxing beauty treatments, but I did pay for a regular haircut and colour. However, any sign of that went when I gave up all my time, spare or not, to my three children. Now Roran is at school, Willem is funded and I can afford to put Persephonie in nursery a bit more. This gives me more time to concentrate on my work, but what about me?

Well a few months back my baby sister announced that she bridesmaid.jpgwas getting married, yay, and asked me to be a bridesmaid, double yay. Technically I am Maid of Honor, due to being married, but anyway. So this was my inspiration I am going to make a change, so that I can feel amazing in my dress. I don’t believe in faddy diets, whats the point of eating nothing to lose weight just to put it back on when you start eating again. I don’t have the time to commit to an intense exercise regime, what I need is a lifestyle change.

So when I saw a opportunity from Body Beautiful come on Facebook I knew I had to go for it. The program was created by a friend Joanna Ginns, who is a local personal fitness trainer. The idea is that through a nutritious diet and regular exercise she can help me to fitter, stronger, healthy and leaner. With all this I will hopefully feel better about body and increase my confidence.

Nutritious Diet

Joanna has given me a 7 day meal plan, that I MUST stick to. It contains a lot of vegetables which worries me. She has also given me a list of thing I must avoid, apparently caffeine is bad so no Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Each day I will be sharing pictures of my meals and my thoughts on the recipes. I am also upping my water intake, whi
ch I did recently so I know I can do it again.

Regular Exercise

As well as my diet I also have an exercise quota to reach. This is very relaxed in that I can choose what to do and when. The daily activities are simple and can be done around my family life. An added bonus is that I already reach the walking minimum with my daily drop off and school pick ups.


To track how I do Joanna has also given me tips on how to measure certain parts of my body, i.e. tummy, legs, arms. I will do this at the beginning and the end to see the difference. I will also weigh myself at the beginning and the end and take a before and after photo. I will be sharing these in a blog at the end.

That is all, so wish me luck 🙂





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